Outside your Comfort Zone

Quite an interesting read on monophobia (of getting lonely). I have a different take on it. Even the worst company (of people) is still better than no company at all. Just imagine a planet where you are the only one representing your specie and there’s nothing and nobody else there. That is quite a lonely place and I hate to be alone like that. I think we humans are social animals and that’s the reason the worst punishment (or jail term) you can award is solitary confinement.


Why do I get anxiety at the thought of going out by myself? I’m confident. I’m strong. I’m independent. But for some reason going and sitting down alone at a restaurant gives me anxiety. But I’m going.

I had a lot of anxiety last year traveling for the first time in my life alone. But I did it. I was a nervous wreck on the flight but I survived it.

But where does this anxiety come from? Why do I get anxious about doing things alone? Maybe I have monophobia. I don’t fear living alone. But anxiety about going out alone is a form of monophobia. I just always believed that most phobias stem from an event.

I have to be honest here. When I go out alone, my worst anxiety stems from people trying to talk to me. Does that seem strange? I seem pretty outgoing to most people…

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