The Broken & Wounded

“even the darkest of souls carry some light.” I can attest to that line throughout my own globe-trotting years. Those that have been discarded by the society, one of the shiniest lights (of soul) I have found them carrying. However, keeping your distance and still learning from them is not for everyone. Only beautiful souls like Kristian can hear, see and feel things like that, and express as well.

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

People often mistake

my softness for weakeness,

but tell me

wherein lies the weakness

of remaining soft in a hard world?

People tell me I am naive

for believing

even the darkest of souls

carry some light.

Have they forgotten

the devil was once an angel?

I recall a conversation

I had with my mother-

She looked

at me with eyes of confusion,

and what can only be described as love,

And said:

“You are the only child who dreams

of adopting a three-legged dog.”

To which I replied:

“It is the broken & wounded

that need the most love.”

Kristian L. Weigman

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