To make …

Kristen describes how easy it is to be productive, to be of some use, to make something.. in such an easy and effortless way.

The K

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To make ……..So what does this mean? …

To make love or make war…Id opt to make love over war if I wasn’t so bloomin tired !!!

To make an appointment or make a decision

To make the bed or make a mess

To make breakfast lunch or dinner for others or yourself …

You make that choice; You make an excuse or you make that phone call …

Perhaps you want to bake …..make a cake, make a loaf of bread  make a new dish  or make that old family favourite ..the recipe from great auntie whatnot that nobody has managed to get quite right …if only she had made time to make the effort to write it down for us !!…

Let’s try and at least make an attempt to re create it…..she would be so pleased if we bothered ….

or are  we trying to make a point?

To make a…

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