Unsaid things

Unsaid things… as described by her, is the reason I picked my pen and started to write on this blog.

In mind and out

have you ever wandered the dynamics of unsaid things?
the lost words that gather in melancholy parties in the corners of our minds
filling their cups with punch half full of shame and spilling over with fear
until you are so drenched
you feel like you’re drowning in a viscous liquid of regret
those kind of thoughts never go home
and nobody knows that your mind is this awkward disco
when the lights go off
you take your noisy thoughts and unsaid things with you to bed,
where they stay up and give you insomnia and nightmares
in the morning
you can taste their ghostly outlines on the tip of your tongue
and you douse them with coffee and try to forget
those unsaid things

image: unsplash

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