Wounded Widow

Anything dark (words or actions) are not born out of some void. Something bad (or someone worse) causes such excruciatingly painful words to express. Despite struggling with depression, her soul can still express what she feels at times. I love the intensity, energy and passion in her words and such writers (and artists) are rarely born.

The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom

Times are…..
it is hard to remember
when laughter and light
humor and satisfaction
were higher on the list
than pain and despair
black holes and depression.
When I wore more smiles.
sadness prevails
grey gloom
situated over top
rain forever pouring down.
I turn away.
Promises have/had been made
sharded porcelain
as sliver thin scores my skin
fistful of hair
pulled out.
Throw me against the wall
down the stairs
tumbling head over heels
you scream
you swear
you tell me
slather me in spittle
how this is my fault
my temptation lead you to this place.
Times become…..
spooling ever outward
droplets of claret
count one…..breath
count two…..breath
count three…..breath
hitched desire to live.
Bones knit
slowly fade away
fear turns to resignation
resignation turns to rage
rage turns to…..
Come not my handsome one

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