Their Other Half

When I address

I am only

Other half


A woman cheated on me and despite her swearing she did not, my heart had enough proof to let her go. From this, I learned that you can never clap with one hand, meaning it was not only her, but also him who was fore well aware of her being my woman but still, he did what he did.

I will never be that (loser of a) man which I, myself despise. If a woman comes to me, I’d be respectful not only to her, but also to her past, present or future (potential) love. I won’t use her like all of these loser (and cheap) dudes with whom all those women cheat on their love (or their other halves).

I can easily afford prostitutes, lap dancers and striptease girls whenever I’d become that desperate. But I will never, EVER do that to a lady. That’s despicable!


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