Why Will You Subject Your Heart To Love Again… And Again… And Again?


Once bitten twice shy.

And still, why would anyone want to love again?

One bad experience might be too many for someone and they may never want to subject themselves to the same (potential) pain again.

They say time heals. Oh yes. Time does heal. It tries to help you forget and slowly let the (bad or good) memories fade away.

But then, when you are ready again, fresh, the same you that you were before that previous pain, why would you knowingly step into the same (potentially) painful experience, only with a different human being this time?

And then they say, oh come on! Not everyone is same. Oh really? Let me tell you who is the same in here i.e. you, your heart and how closely you survived the last heartache from eating you alive.

So does that mean eternally single? Oh well. If that’s what takes to keep your heart (soul and body) safe, then let it be. What is the harm in being single btw?

I have been blaming all those Cinderella and Prince Charming cartoons in my childhood lately. And I have caught myself repeating the same line being spoken with many others. Sort of my mood now-a-days. The mental conditioning since our childhood preparing us for that lovely (never) being out there.

Should we ban such cartoons? No, but we should always warn our future generations while they are watching that those cartoon are nothing, except fiction.

As a geek, what comes closest to my heart is the 2013 movie “HER”. She is still a science fiction but the AI (artificial intelligence) is making headway into making that a reality someday. And I think I can easily wait, looking at the kind of patience I carry to avoid such a heartache again.

In the meantime, I think I will continue enjoying my time at strip clubs, striking short conversations with those working girls, learning about their mistakes in love from a safe distance.

No more love thingy for me, I suppose. And that makes me feel like having grown up beyond those childhood dreams (of stupid love) via cartoon movies or chick flicks.

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