Dream Series: Her Luscious Lips At An Open-Air Goodwill Market In London


In this dream, I am seeing a documentary on the stuff featured in an open-air Goodwill market located in the middle of London city. There is a strange song/music in the background with my voice narrating the feeling of being in the middle of old stuff featured.

I am narrating about the bodies and the emotions they felt while wearing those clothes, decorative ornaments and the furniture they used in their houses.

And suddenly, I realized I am the one who is actually filming it. However, on a wheelchair where I am sitting, it needed only one push of mine to go and it keeps on going without stopping. It takes turns by itself.

And then I felt a certain force being used to pull it which felt so much like a human force. And when I poked my face behind (since my wheelchair was going in the opposite direction for me to film the view), there was a half-face of woman with her long hair blowing in the wind.

Right in the middle of seeing that documentary, I somehow got inside the actual making of it and on the end of the street, I turned towards her. There she was, with such a beautiful face. Especially those lips that I started to touch with my fingers right away.

She introduced me to herself as “Jafa” and I started laughing. I told her that the meaning of this name in my native Urdu language is “Disloyalty”. She smiled and those lips became so inviting that I could not stop myself from trying to kiss her.

She stopped me in the middle with an astonishment, and asked me what in particular makes me so attracted to her?

Since she had disturbed my natural flow of love, my brain started to think of a reason to tell her. And in making that frustrating effort, I got up.

Note: Beyond this dream, I love old stuff i.e. clothes, furniture, buildings, history, etc. They carry so many untold stories that I feel like they are talking to me whenever I touch them or visit them.

… and btw, when I woke up, I had my “GogloGull” (nickname of my penis) fully erect, as in paying homage to “Jafa”. I must have definitely not gotten laid in years, I suppose.

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