Why Do I Hate Psychology?


Carla Akil runs a blog by the name of “Beyond Bounds” and probably she’s a student of psychology who writes a lot on relationships. I used to be attracted to her writings since she was young and felt like trying to figure out relationships.

I like the initial innocent phase of any human trying to figure anything new. However, when the same baby starts to follow footsteps of same-old boring principles (of any discipline i.e. psychology), it puts me off.

Carla wrote, or must I say, narrated the same old (repetitive) principles of psychology (Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI) that divides humans into two types of people;

  1. Thinker
  2. Feeler

Without going into complicated details and frankly totally useless narration (by Carla Akil), I’d want to ask a simple question;

Without the thought, how can you feel?

Or let’s turn around the question and ask it more easily (just in case the previous was too complicated);

Without a touch (or feeling), how can you think?

Feeling and thinking are inter-linked. You can’t separate the two. Without a thinking brain, no matter what happens to my body touching or feeling anything, its useless. And vice versa.

I think this single reason is more than enough to demonstrate my hatred towards psychology as a subject. Its like placing such an amazing and uniquely beautiful individual into a template box and discarding him/her away.

What a pathetic way to look at life, humans and this world. Leave people alone and you (the shrinks or psychologists) can continue studying in schools and making money off peoples’ miseries and poor choices.



In Love With a Feeler

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