Kimmie The Gorgeous – Kimmie Underwood



She is one of very few people whom I meet virtually (via their words) and am instantly in love with that beautiful soul they carry. Check out how she introduces herself in the “About” section of her blog;

I only know about love.

It’s who I am.

I only know about laughter, it’s what I do daily.

I only know about family, they are my world.

I only know about friendships…they are everywhere.

I only know about promises, they are for keeps.

I only know about living and dieing…it’s a fact of life.

I only know that I enjoy writing… gives me air in my lungs, songs in my ears, sight for my eyes, touch for my soul.

I only know about love….

it’s who I am.

Now, tell me who’d not fall in love with such a beautiful spirit instantly? 🙂

Here are some of the blogs she maintains;

You can reach her via E-mail at



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