Prose Review: Someone Who Used To Love You by Brandi


Ms.Brandi (a blogger operating by the name of Manessah) posted an interesting piece titled “Someone Who Used To Love You“. As a woman, she described the feelings one goes through after being told by the one who “used to” love that she is not loved anymore.

She is describing love between two total strangers and forgets that they were and still are two different individuals. The fleeting feeling that she describes as “love” is gone not only in the other individual, but in herself too. And if it is not totally gone, there are happy pills and therapies that make people forget, get over and move on with another new individual.

To me, a love that came from out of nowhere and got lost in the same direction i.e. “nowhere“, was never “love” in the first place. Let’s call it infatuation, sex, affection, or any other word, but never love. True love never dies like she describes. I won’t waste this space to describe what love is. Rather, I’d like to shed light on what it is not due to the title and content of the post she chose.

Someone who makes all those lofty promises, hangs in there for you and then suddenly walks out or tells you that love is fading, was obviously faking it all along since the very beginning. Except that you wanted to see their (true) colors through different glasses (of your inexperience, immaturity or some temporary needs).

It becomes too tiring for having to entertain the most boring individual all the time. Especially if that individual is not “in” it alongwith you like a life partner is supposed to be. If I breathe in, you should be able to breathe out in my place, instead of me having to bother my nostrils and lungs.

The idea of love is obviously messed up in some brains, especially if they have had a problematic childhood or carry some mental health issues by birth. Loving such individuals is impossible, not just difficult since they will (sadly) never understand or be able to reciprocate it.

However, love between two perfectly healthy individuals never ever fades away or gets lost (dead) just like Ms.Brandi described. Its like you tell me that the wind that used to blow, does not blow anymore.ย  And when I look outside, I see not only winds but all sorts of thunders and storms.

Two totally different strangers coming close and following all those acts (and well-rehearsed words) of Cinderella and Prince Charming cartoon stories, is not and should never be called “love”. Let’s start writing better and more realistic stories for our children so they grow up into more mature and realistic lovers instead of fools who see another individual just like themselves (and not different).



4 thoughts on “Prose Review: Someone Who Used To Love You by Brandi

  1. Very, very well spoken, Amir! Thank you for this! I so agree that real love does not die. I’m a believer that any kind of relationship requires work from both people involved and it’s definitely not an easy ride. Fairy tales do hinder us from seeing the imperfections that can exist in an ordinary relationship (ex: the disagreements, the arguments, etc.). We think that everything is perfect, that we have the magic pumpkin carriage and the perfect prince riding in to save the princess, but it’s not really like that in reality (which you’ve perfectly expressed). Each person has their differences – they come from different backgrounds, upbringings, etc. So, it’s expected that there will be bucking heads in differences, but love and that will to want to make it work is what keeps that determination, that fire, going. And as you said earlier in the post, anyone who can say they don’t love you anymore after saying they do never really did. It was a momentary union based on a temporary feeling (or what I like to call “a person who just loves the IDEA of being in love, but not actually putting in the work to make it last”). This is really such an informative and thought provoking post, my friend. Many could benefit from reading it. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with me and again, I’m super humbled that something I could write could inspire something so awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

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