I Can Sell Popsicle To Eskimos


Someone who (I believe) still loves me, used to complement me by saying;

“You can sell Popsicle to Eskimos”.

Another one (who hates me to the core of her bones, which is probably the height of someone loving me the most), said the same thing, except in a negative connotative way;

“You will always say anything to get what you want.”

That has also stopped me from doing many things freely related to people which I was so used to before hearing such words. How strange it is that your strengths become your weaknesses at times. Right? 🙂

There is a lemon law in Florida which pretty much says that any car dealer who sells you a car (via pressure selling technique), you can always return it for a full refund.

Looking at my past and the achievements under the light of the Eskimo complement above, I feel like stopping from being myself at times, especially when its about relationships. If any of my loved ones does something just because I wanted or desired it, not because they also wanted the same in return. That does not bring a feeling of peace to me.

And strangely, based upon my own saying;

From peace we come. To peace we go.

I feel like getting ready for that eternal peace as a worst case scenario because of the slow progress with the scientific endeavor to make a human being eternal via head transplant to another human (or mechanical) body.

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