Tired of Trying To Fit In…(or maybe just tired)

Before I say anything, I’d let this gem of a soul speak for herself;

“I am tired of living in such a greedy World. Those that don’t want to live simply but will do everything to simply live. Live in the manner of their own choosing. Something that continues to erode the spirit and the mind. Something that will forever keep us bound to our problems and will never truly let us be set free and fly. Sometimes I feel like I am in control and on top of things. Other times I feel like I am at my wits end. What keeps me moving forward is reminding myself we are all truly bound to this period in time together. If I can make your experience better by being happy and positive and reaching out a hand just imagine if you were on the other side reaching too. We are all guilty of loving our superficial over inflated lives just a tad too much. Maybe it is simply enough to live humbly and let the humbly live too.”

The above does not need any explaining. Let your soul digest what hers described in such an eloquent way. Totally made my day and probably for the rest of life, I’d continue referring back to her with the same philosophy that I have myself carried since decades across continents of this planet Earth.

In the same post, she raises an interesting question;

“The man who gave me life really couldn’t care less about me and my family. Can somebody tell me how to move past that?”

She’s talking about her dad who may have his own issues (or scars). But a daughter looking up to her dad to define what a man should be or look like, is so natural and perfectly normal. Let’s blame our quest for the ideal that can’t seem to surpass the imperfections with which every human (man or a woman) is born with.

Later in the post, talking about relationships between stranger men and women (the love thingy, you know), she says;

“Nor should we tie our happiness to somebody else’s.”

This is very confusing at least for me. Of course, I’m happy all by myself. But what is wrong in looking for “more” happiness? Fear of rejection? Fear of not having it reciprocated? Oh well. If you are a happy individual, no matter how messed up or confused the other half of yours is, you’d still stay happy naturally, getting past their own imperfections and actually embracing them as the unique combination of good+evil they came pre-packaged with to this planet Earth.

I always boldly go in seeking “more” happiness out there from birds, trees, oceans and people. And since I’m already well-prepared for the worst while expecting the best at the same time, hence I’m rarely disappointed. Thanks to the philosophy of Dale Carnegie.

I want to know what did she mean when she said;

” I have never given so much to have everything thrown back.”

Hopefully I’d hear from such a precious soul someday about it. Totally enjoyed an amazing soul-searching of hers via a great choice of words. People like her make this world worth living and having fun.

Cheers! 🙂

Sweet Ruby Bluez

I always wanted to fit it. Always. I was a shy young girl and found it hard at first but making friends became easy. It was keeping them that was a bit harder. My desire to fit in was more like a desire…a desire to be popular but only with the boys. I guess that is where my first misguided misconceptions started to form. Surely little by little I started making choices and friends that gravitated me towards the wrong crowd. It is not like a grew up sheltered, I just grew up with a strong desire to be close to my family. Nothing else really mattered until I ventured off into school. And it wasn’t right away. As youngsters are personalities were just forming. We were just learning about arts, crafts, sports, music. We all had our “thing” and mine was surely boys.

I do not know exactly what…

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One thought on “Tired of Trying To Fit In…(or maybe just tired)

  1. Ruby replied on Oct 6, 2019 in the comments section;

    “Good morning. Thank you for suck kind ways.

    I raised the thought of not tieing happiness to others as we can never fully know their true intent. Our happiness must be our own not bond by the limitations of others.

    As far as “I have never given so much to have everything thrown back.” This refers to greed, self reflection and soul touching experiences. I move through my life with the soul desire of helping others. I read to gain insight and gain knowledge to a new way of thinking. So many of us can’t or an unable to explore what lays beneath the skin. We are happy accepting what lays in front of us nothing more only less. I feel the change I want to see in the World is not ready to be absorbed. The idea of a selfless existence is so foreign to us that we would rather, cheat, steal, lie, abuse all for our physical carbon beings to benefit. Not to many feed our souls in the way life intended. I fear the path of destruction we are on. I give of myself and my knowledge in the desperate attempt that somebody just as you will understand my words and hopefully inspire and be inspired.”


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