What Makes Me Hate Rhyme In The Poetry


When a poet is naturally expressing without being careful about the choice of words or the rhyme, that is true poetry for me emanating from one’s soul. However, the moment I see someone forcing rhyme in an otherwise unique and a genuine expression (via words), I wonder why do they do that? Why destroy such a unique and an abstract opportunity to be yourself?

Just the thought that someone might have searched and replaced the words that his/her soul originally said only to maintain rhyme totally disgusts me from reading poetry of any sort out there.

Words or no words, even when someone is drawing a tiny line on a huge empty canvas, that is an art in itself. Just look at what has been achieved. A human was first born, then raised to learn how to hold a pencil. And then grab a canvas and simply draw that tiny line. Isn’t that already a vast, intense and an exciting adventure (into an absolutely artful experience) in itself?

Keep doing whatever you were doing. I was just talking to myself, as usual 🙂

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