You Can NEVER Cheat On Your Love With Me


Over decades, after being cheated upon multiple times, I think I have ultimately identified “the” man that a woman cheats with upon her boyfriend, husband or a life-partner (a new term for those who can’t afford to marry).

Its no more the woman I wonder about. Its now the men who she chooses to cheat on me with. As a man, if I can’t understand a cheating woman’s thinking process, at least I can try to understand how a man’s brain works when he chooses a woman who is (or must I say “was”) already taken.

Of course every woman has a sob story to tell about her man and there are many hopefuls and listeners with their dicks zipped up (for now). He will not only offer his time but money too since these are hard times (economically speaking). And once her (overly used or must I say abused) vagina and boobs are no longer that attractive to him, he’d find another woman with another sob story about her man.

And this never-ending cycle goes on and on…

A sheer waste of emotions, lifetime and empty words (promises/vows).

When I started dating, I could never find a woman who loved me for who I am. They were all after my money, looks and probably intelligence too. Seeing that I decided to find a woman who has ever loved a man. And voila! As if I had opened a whole Pandora box. Women were flocking by the hordes around me with their sob stories to tell. I was overwhelmed by all this attention.

What I did not realize was that those women had found a man (i.e. me) with whom they could easily cheat on their men with. I thought I was in love with their love of their past flings, lovers, husbands (dead or alive), boyfriends or life-partners. I was looking for my love through their “lost” love totally mistaken that it was “their” love for another man, having nothing to do with me. I was under the impression if she can love him, she will love me too. How wrong was I…

A total disaster, yet learned my lesson i.e. I’d never be another woman’s dick to cheat upon her man (or love).

Its not that in the future I’d not be all ears to a woman’s sob story about her man (or men). Its more about how she describes it without getting all that emotional (with crocodile tears). Only when she can gather herself and start to look objectively at her past (men), probably only then I’d unzip and drop my pants.

For now, just Googling STD (sexually transmitted diseases) testing centers nearby where I can walk in proudly wearing the badge “She Cheated On Me



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