Titles are annoying, part II: Things I dislike and the upside of reality.

“The inability to acquire a soul mate.” That’s so true and actually am quite intrigued why is there any such need in the first place? Not asking why aren’t we enough for ourselves. Only interested in knowing what does the lack of a soulmate cause in our lives (good or bad)?

From famine to feast.

I hate reality at times. My hatred
is personal and global.

It’s probably not really hatred. “Hate”
is a strong word I try to use sparingly. I want to hold it back, keep the
impact intact for situations that are really deserving. Like, “I hate Nazis.”

I dislike reality at times. My
dislike is personal and global. Reality is, at times, wholly annoying.

I dislike my body. That’s still
number one on my hit list even though I’m working on my recovery. I also
dislike my eating disorder, mental illnesses, the paucity of character in
politicians, climate change, spiders in the basement, spiders on the main
floor, people who litter, greedy people, racists and bigots, excessive use of
plastics in packaging, and shoes that make my feet sweat.

I dislike paying for parking at
hospitals and I dislike privatized medicine. I dislike corporations that excessively
pollute while the pretend to…

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