Sweeping Emotions Under The Carpet – Christine


Christine runs a very interesting blog (Transformative Nourishment) and I was delighted with one particular post of hers titled as;

“Are you guilty of sweeping under the carpet syndrome?”.

Therein, she says;

Sweeping under the carpet syndrome is something I’ve been asked to do many times in my life…


In my experience, if I don’t dive into it, I can’t transmute it into the gift of growth and healing it truly is.


I sit with it.

I Feel it.

I face it.

I Explore it.

I Work with it.

I let it guide me to solutions.

I have been myself guilty of sweeping them (the emotions) under the carpet. It is unlike choosing your battles and its more like becoming the real and genuine you.

Unfortunately, not many are in touch with themselves and their own reality. Seeing that inability or must I say the potential of my giving voice to my emotions being misunderstood, I silently push them under the carpet.

Once it starts happening with that specific person, obviously I start creating a safe distance instead of coming closer to that individual. And I am totally taken aback by how much excitement or passion (to be with me) the other shows after I am done with them.

Probably not many can’t see the wisdom in pushing your emotions (temporarily) under the carpet and end up blowing up at wrong time with a totally unrelated and must I say, an inappropriate individual.

The ones I have given importance enough to show my emotions, sadly they ran and never looked back. Its like as long as I was encouraging them to show their emotions, they enjoyed it. But the moment I stopped shoving my own emotions under the carpet (while listening to theirs), the time of relationship was over.

You have to be very special to earn this view of my emotions. I can’t simply share them willy nilly with people who are (potentially) nobody to me.

Hence, I’d probably still choose to shove my emotions under the carpet until I find that gem of a human out there.

P.S. Here I am reminded about a cautionary note by a woman I was dating from Boca Raton, FL wherein she said “In America, men are used to suffering in silence“. If that’s the case, then I’d prefer to get in touch with the feminine side of the man I am, and be open with my emotions especially with such an  (un)wise woman who skipped our first date just because I was open with my emotions.


Are you guilty of sweeping under the carpet syndrome?

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