Mass Murderer Or A Ruler Of Hearts


Back in old days, one could become Ghengiz Khan or Alexander The Great to conquer the world. Today, its the hideous (and secretive) owners of money i.e. Credit Cards, Banks, etc who secretly bathe in their victories over people’s lives who are alive like some zombies, not really alive like the ones back in old ages.

Hulagu Khan (grandson of Genghis Khan) built a mound of human skulls after he conquered Baghdad (Iraq) and sat on top of that mound to address the people (a few who were left alive) of that unfortunate city. Whether you admit it or not, many around us would love to repeat that if they were allowed to.

The same fantasy has been realized by a 2007 Hollywood movie (Hostel Part 2) where the most beautiful men and women from across the world are brought in (via kidnapping) at a Romanian secret location where the richest (behind secret glasses) bid for them as an auction. And upon winning their bid, they devour those humans like the way they want to.

Human brain has the capacity to be sick, very sick. However, the same human brain can be shown the positive side of life, the beauty of humans (together or alone). I believe a serene and peaceful beauty of a graveyard can’t still match the lively, colorful and an awesome beyond words lives bathing in joy and fun out there.

Who is now-a-days trying to achieve that kind of ruling the hearts (not mere bodies)? Only two names come to my mind i.e. Mother Teresa and Edhi who coincidentally belong to the same part of this planet Earth i.e. India and Pakistan.

Today these two nations (one of the poorest ones in the world) are armed to teeth via nuclear bombs and if there will be any extinction of humans on this planet happening, it will begin in that part of the world.

Who is doing anything to stop that from happening?

Nobody, except a few paying lip service. I am in the meantime signing up for the first colony of humans on Mars since our time on planet Earth seems over. The world’s first trillionaire Jeff Bezos (of Amazon) seems to agree with me.


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