A “fuck off” Thought


Today I received an E-mail notice of domain (website) expiry I had gifted to someone else last year. The very next thought after seeing that notice was “fuck off” to the one for whom I had created that domain and website.

I was surprised at my own anger since its a mere domain expiry notice and I should have never bothered even looking at it again. A little detail would be necessary here instead of my habit of staying quiet or very brief.

A year ago, I volunteered (as usual) for a needy individual. Unfortunately there are more needy people in this world than us volunteers. Before I shed some light on it, here’s my disclaimer;

When helping a woman, I am never (EVER) looking to get into her pants.

This fine print (sarcastically speaking) side-note is important since I have noted (with curiosity) in people that they group women, children, elderly and disabled together as lesser humans who are always at threat in the hands of able, young and healthy men out there. (insert militant feminists here)

Without going into any personal details, let’s say a woman in her late 20’s approached me for a job. I had none but I referred her to many friends of mine and helped her with money. She mistook me as sugar daddy and bared herself for me. Strangely, I was not interested in her body despite me being as horny as any normal and healthy man out there. Not to mention hers being one of the sexiest female bodies I have ever seen on 3 continents where I have lived and worked.

Despite my not having sex with her, she started dreaming of a life (and kids) with me. I never kissed her, nor had sex with her but she wanted it so bad. In the meantime, I helped her build a business via usual start-up things i.e. domain, website, visiting cards, office, brochures, etc.

After a couple of months (of being her sugar daddy in her words), one night while I was about to drop her off at her home from the office, I saw a huge luxurious car waiting for her. She said he is a friend and is taking her to his office for a late night work. I did not say a word in response which was unusual for her and I started walking away. She started screaming my name in the middle of a busy street but I kept walking.

All night and many days later, she kept calling and I tried to respond but I had nothing left to say to her. Hence I requested her in my last phone conversation to never call me again.

It was not that I was in any form or shape interested in her romantically or sexually. It was her lying to me or keeping a few things hidden/secret from me relating to work. Her romance with that guy was later confirmed after I received a call from the same guy’s wife in whose car she left me the other night. That guy’s wife wanted me to tell her about that young lady who worked at her husband’s office and I came off as naive to her and instead ended up advising her to not to be curious about people’s characters.

Since then I have wanted so many times to call that poor wife of his to let her know about the ugly characters of that young lady and her husband. But I stopped myself only because she has kids with him and I don’t want to be part of any family drama either.

This is the reason the “fuck off” thought came to my mind upon receiving that domain’s expiry notification via E-mail. Feels better getting it off my chest.



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