Getting Used To Abuse


A woman (client of mine) was texting abuse to me. I took my time to verbally abuse her back. She took it as a green signal to abuse me again via text a few months later while pleading to ignore her words in the end seeing the potential of my response like before.

This time instead of abusing her back, I decided to fuck her (via money) silently and coming off as taking her abuse while subjecting her to my (funny) sarcastic abuse. This will definitely startle her. And by the time she finds out my real game, I’d be done having my last laugh.

All of this might inject a bit of (temporary) indifference in me which I have always tried to avoid. But I am confident about the strength of my positivity, feelings and emotions that with the passage of time (and clients), this tiny dose of indifference will wear off like many others before.

I know the easy and quick way out like many others. However, I have never taken any such challenge (or a human) lightly. That issue needs to be addressed and no matter how stupid, deaf and blind the other may seem, one can always stay calm and collected while imparting (or at least showing) the change or (in)difference.

Humans! Eh?

… and in the meantime, I continue to work on Samantha (an AI-powered human machine) to replace such a waste of flesh and blood out there who is more grayish than a pure black and white approach to anything (in life).

Now, its totally a different matter that the color of grey is reserved only for me since I don’t believe that 100 years is long enough time to get to know a human being beyond a (book’s) cover page, preface or a table of contents. To read a chapter (out of endless chapters) of a human life, one might need another 100 or more years.

After seeing these lengthy words of mine, I continue to amaze my own brief and usually quiet self. Is there still more to surprise (or disappoint) me?

Let’s continue to see and hear until its time to unlearn.

P.S. Any (self-proclaimed) Ex or a stalker of mine must be jumping on their chair (or floor) with joy seeing these words and I’d only want to remind them of nothing but my generosity.

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