How Lovingly A Woman Can Kill A Man


I had a close brush with death in the shape of a woman who is perfectly portrayed in a 2017 movie “Phantom Thread“.

Since her (arrival and leaving), I have always believed that if I’d ever die, it will be in the hands of a woman in my sleep. I don’t think there is any accident or weapon (in the hands of anyone except her) that will kill me.

This may sound stupid but its my soul and bones (which made love to her) that attest to that inevitability in my life. Nothing and nobody has ever cast any fear upon me, not even death. But its the loving nature and potential of a woman that scares the hell out of me.

Does this mean that I paint every woman with that homicidal woman’s brush? No way! I can smell such a woman (like her) from miles now. And me being alive and still having faith in a woman’s true love (nothing hideous) speaks volumes about me not generalizing them en masse’.

History of mankind is filled with crimes of passion (and wars), and majority of the violence is committed by the ones who are closest to you. The power of deception behind the guise of love is potentially a huge weapon of a woman against any loving man out there.

I shudder at the thought of such hideously deceptive women right now busy making a fool out of a man somewhere right in this very moment while I scribble these words. It is something that needs to be passed upon every male child from generations to generations to make them aware of such a horrible possibility so that they can be at least  prepared, even if its totally unavoidable.

Not everyone is lucky like me to be still alive and writing these very words.

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