When A Certified Retard Hides Her Mental Health Issue In A Relationship


On my first date, I met someone very quiet but beautiful. She seemed like interested in me talking and entertaining her. It is only today that I realize that who does not like to be entertained without making an effort?

Anyways, our first date ended up with us starting a serious relationship. Or at least I was lead to believe that. Mine was first, hence I had no fears. Hers was 12th by the age of 27 and that was interesting enough for me as a culture shock.

All details aside, that relationship did not last beyond a month and she left. Afterwards, during cooking, I needed salt. And while looking for same in my kitchen cabinets, I stumbled upon a medicine box labeled as “Effexor”. And when I googled it, it turned out to be a happy pill (also known as anti-depressant).

Before me, she used to fuck her shrink (a psychiatrist) and charge $300+ each time until she fell in love with him. Again, that is what she told me and today after finding out about her mental health issue, I doubt everything she said to me.

I have nothing against mentally sick or retarded people. I am ready to help them from a safe distance. But a woman who hides her mental health issue and comes off as healthy, is, I believe, the result of this “open” acceptance this society tenders to such hideous individuals.

Institutionalization or them at least carrying some sort of badge (a health card, if not something inscribed on their foreheads) is something that I support. Just like how infecting another with known STD’s (sexually transmitted disease) has been criminalized, similarly such retards should be held accountable for.

Compassion is all nice, good and dandy word. But destroying people’s lives behind this excuse should not be. If you are happy on pills, let us all know. If you have ever been diagnosed with some mental health issue, wear it proudly.

Why hide? Why be ashamed? Until the public law takes its own time or course to bring some sort of recognition and institutionalizing such retards, I believe the same mentally sick individuals should be encouraged to carry their issues proudly.

Pls. accept my apology for using the word “retard” since I believe that a relationship with a mentally sick individual “does” affect a perfectly health individual. And last time, I chose (or opted for) to inflict self-harm was when I had to study a subject which was part of a bigger exam, only to get certified in my own trade. Let’s blame the guy who wrote such a syllabus for testing.

Hence, in relationships (and dating sites), I believe there should be some sort of mental health background check just like how we carry out the criminal background check while offering a job.

How obvious and simple is that. Yet, how easily we forget or ignore this as a serious matter of public health.


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