Stop Your Contacts From Adding You In WhatsApp Groups Without Your Permission


WhatsApp is secure enough to not let anyone who is not amongst your contacts list, add you in groups or send spam or bulk marketing messages. If you happen to be someone like myself who has thousands (if not millions) of contacts in his WhatsApp, then its a lot of work to individually stop every contact from adding you in a group or spamming you.

Here’s how you can stop all of your contacts from adding you in a WhatsApp group;

Open WhatsApp app in your Android phone and click (touch or tap) the three dots at the top-right hand corner of your screen;


Select “Settings” from the menu;


Next, select “Account”;


Under Account settings, select “Privacy”;


In the “Privacy” screen, tap “Groups” option;


Next, select the radio button labeled as “My contacts except…”


Next, you’d be presented the list of all of your contacts. Instead of individually selecting the contacts, simply click the top-right hand corner checkmark option to select all of your contacts. Now, none of your contacts can add you in a WhatsApp group without your permission. To enable any contact individually to be able to add to their WhatsApp group, you can repeat the same process and simply uncheck the red checkmark option next to their name amongst the contacts list;



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