Dream Series: True Power


In this dream today, I was entering a Church alongside hundreds of other people. A teenage girl asked me for $10,000 and I refused. Upon hearing this, she whispered $100 in my ears as a price for her body and I alerted the security guard. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her outside.

In a round-table room where intellectuals were gathered, I grabbed my seat. A guy was spreading Islamophobia by misinterpreting a Quranic verse. After he was done, I started by saying this;

“Actually, we are all running towards having a power over the other. When it is impossible to have an absolute power over anybody, let alone the masses. The only one that we may have any true power over, is our own body and mind.”

After saying this, I sat down and there was peace and calm in the room afterwards. I miss going to Church on Sundays. Reason? I used to have a beautiful company back then.

In an Episode 2 (yes, I have multiple dreams in one-go sometimes), I saw this innocent-looking guy imprisoned in a jail which was under my supervision. I let him go and he was so delighted, he asked me to accompany to his centuries old home. Even though their roofs were blown away (some still standing), I did enjoy the “old” feeling in there.

Note: Even a 14 years old is not young, just in case if you did not notice the word “old” in there. And one can have the (missed) teenage fun in their 40’s, 50’s and even in their 90’s.

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