Looking For A Virgin Amongst Sluts


Its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And I know its that difficult. But then, the type of individual I am, easy-peasy does not attract my attention.

Before I go elaborating (which I hate), know the universal rule of my world;

“You always get what you strive for”.

And I have always gotten whatever I had my eyes set on. Until lately, when it chose quite a different object i.e. a human being.

You might have watched all those chick flicks, read all those Cinderella stories, etc. Yes, while I celebrate my golden jubilee (of turning 50 years) on this planet Earth, suddenly I realized one of those stories might be actually true. Otherwise, why’d there be so much hoopla about the “love thingy” on silver screen and in the print media?

This time, my target is someone who has two boobs, a vagina, a brain (that can actually think) and not to mention those out-of-this-world things i.e. a soul and a heart. Let’s see how long this search goes and how (more) difficult it proves.

I ain’t no quitters πŸ™‚

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