Violent Definition Of Love


A particle right next to another particle (in a stone) is the oldest expression of love, no matter how much they squeeze each other that many different colors and forms (of love) are born.

Similarly, all of us have our own definition of love and despite many religions and/or social forms (kingdoms & their laws) having tried their best, it still stays vague, foggy and totally unique, beyond anybody’s comprehension.

Since it is a universal reality, I have always wondered at the kind of fights, violence and what not takes place between people, nations and ideas. What rarely boggles my usually peaceful mind is that it is the very idea of love that all these violent individuals and lifeless particles (in a stone) hide behind.

Essentially, someone somehow convinced them into the false universal definition of love and no matter how much I hate it, it is unfortunately a reality and luckily one tiny aspect of something which is same across the board.

Knowing this makes me feel less confused about the words and actions of people which they perceive is love i.e. totally opposite to another’s definition.

My positive goggles (insert glasses) always need this kind of awareness, otherwise I’d be imposing my own definition of love upon everything and everyone that crosses my path.

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