If Humans Are Not Toys Then What Are They?


Let’s suppose you are born to a woman who is regarded as a man-eater. Or worse, a prostitute. She has always been played with, hence she plays them in return.

Coming from such a woman, would you ever want to take any human seriously, compassionately, etc.? Of course not. No matter how big of a hypocrite are you or an expert at hiding your deeper self behind sweet words, you are still who you are i.e. a toy who was given birth by a toy, who had been played with or has always played with toys (a.k.a humans).

I have personally known such toys (they come with vaginas and boobs too) from up-close and the more I hear everybody’s sob stories, the more I come closer to the conclusion that all of these humans are toys.

Then who am I?

Of course not a toy, nor I have ever played with another human as a toy. I always believed in Santa stories, religions or at least the bare humanitarian (yes, its a new religion) blah blah that United Nations (UNHCR) talks about.

I am definitely beyond (if not more or less) than the concept or a definition of a human that I hear from every stupid brain. Pls. excuse my French (or English) since they like to hear only to themselves and not me. Hence, out of frustration that name-calling 🙂

So far, the only aliens these humans have discovered are in their own science fiction stories. Who knows that I am myself “THE” alien that these sci-fi movies talk about. Not in a physical form, but in a spiritual form.

Okay, if mention of any spirit or soul puts you off, we’d close such a stupid topic right away and carry on playing each other as toys.

My my my…

Forrest Gump’s Mother And School Principal




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