What’s your favourite colour …..

My favorite color is light blue.. the color of oceans and skies. Sort of what makes people call our planet the blue planet.

The K word.life

Image result for rainbow colours google image instead of my horrendous kitchen!!

Mine is ….


Well when I was asked this question I couldn’t really answer it as I love so many colours and with that realised I don’t actually have a favourite!!!

I know some would have said in the mid 90’s that I loved blue and yellow ..

This was the colour of my kitchen and it was far from subtle .. The blinds were covered in bright sunflowers and the walls as yellow as buttercups … The cupboards which were a revolting melamine with dark wooden handles and bland beige fronts were wearing a thick shiny coat of royal and navy blue …..

Every inch of that kitchen screamed colour as you walked in … (i daren’t star a photo of it as its horrendous lol !!!)

We were pretty broke and it was done on a shoe string but done…

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