I am not ok and that’s not ok….


“I own this–there’s a reason I didn’t rehash my whole life above, because what I realize now is that isn’t what really matters–not the specific people or situations but the feelings, emotions and beliefs that I developed from them.”

If these words are not powerful enough, read a bit more from someone who seems to have an awesome talent of therapeutically healing herself through her own written words.

Workin' Gal Wonders

Today is the day I speak out for myself and state that I’ve had enough with myself!  I’ve carried my past with me like some badge of honor for too long and here I am at 38 on a Sunday morning balling my eyes out because of it all finally catching up to me.  There’s no one to blame for it or place ownership on but myself.  Before anyone thinks I’m at the point of ending my life, I can assure you I am not–been there I know this isn’t that.  I know in my core I’m a good person and so it’s not that it–I’m not writing here to ask for compliments or reassurance.  But many of you have asked if I’m ok lately and my answer has been standard but I know see not entirely truthful.

It didn’t dawn on me right away but when more and more…

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