80 Percent Chances You Can Survive A Plane Crash


What would most likely kill you in an aircraft crash includes;

  1. Atmospheric air pressure when the compressed aircraft cabin blows
  2. G-force with which the plane crashes @ 450 mph
  3. Jet fuel burning at 2000 degrees heat that melts aluminium

Before Crash Air France Flight 358


After Crash


Before Crash Asiana Airlines Flight 214


After Crash


Great thing is that in both of the above crashes, majority of the passengers and the crew survived.

For frequent fliers, these tips can be a life-saver before, during and after an airline crash;

  • When packing, make sure you have some sort of small wet towel or cotton cloth that you can breathe through the smoke-filled cabin. Listen carefully to the air-hostess showing the use of air mask.
  • Place cushions in front of your legs and between your legs while making a fetal (forward bowing) seating position to brace for the crash.

  • Stay low to the ground to avoid smoke.

  • Keep your seat-belt fastened and know how to unlock it.

  • Be aware of the exits.

  • When booking, try seats at the back since they have 40% more survival rates.

  • Avoid carrying sharp objects in your pockets or around you i.e. pen, etc.

  • Majority of crashes happen during the take-off and landings. Brace yourself for such a possibility.

And don’t forget to spend 2 to 22 minutes watching these life-saving video tips just in case you are scared of a plane crash or carry a fear of flying;

And if this still does not solve your fear of flying, then take an air safety passenger flying course at a nearby airline or an avionics training school.

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