Fell In Love With Jana Marie’s Soul Instantly – You Will Too


On my random readings, I stumbled upon a blog by someone called “Mother Jana”. Her real name (or maybe pen name) is Jana Marie Rose. One of her posts made me curious and then I discovered that she does not only have a Facebook page but also a Youtube vlog.

After reading some of her posts and watching a few videos of hers, I was an instant fan  and totally felt connected to her through so many different and deeper levels that is indescribable and that’s spooky (good kind of spooky).

One of her inspiriting quotes is;

A woman who does not do what she says she is going to do is not worth her salt, my dear, and you must always be worth your salt and know your salt and also add a dash of the sweet and spicy, too.

You can subscribe to her Youtube channels at;



and her Facebook page;


For a starter, enjoy this awesome video of hers about Love, Motherhood and Places We Get Stuck;

She conducts workshops on various topics related to love and relationships. According to her website, she can be reached at;

E-Mail: janamarierose79@gmail.com

Deep souls like hers rarely come out in the open. And by making this bold move, I don’t know about you but she has made me so happy and delighted. Hope she keeps spreading her beautiful beyond words light in this dark world.




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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/motherjana

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mother.jana/

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@motherjana

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jana-rose-ma-ryt-56bbb53b/

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