Friday Funday

If not in every tiny little second, at least in 24 hours, there are so many bacteria and viruses going in and out of our body’s system that if we knew each of their intrusions, we’d be scared to death all the time. Not discounting the impact of latest coronavirus pandemic like many others in the pages of history. When the time is here for us to say goodbye to this world, I think we should be able to say it smilingly, no matter how hard it may seem at the time. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the recipe of your chocolate cake… mmmm… yummy 😜💖👍🌹

Popsicle Society

Hello my dear readers,

The first week of February is gone and another Friday is here.

Wuhan coronavirus is still here, spreading all around the globe…Singapore is the third country after China and Japan with most confirmed cases…definitely not an easy week for the authorities and healthcare people, that are trying their best to stop the spread.

Stay safe wherever you are!

It was a long and busy week but on another side also sweet, as we have discovered the chocolate.

Stay tuned as tomorrow you’ll be amazed at what you can do in the kitchen with my super easy and fast recipe for mini softhearted chocolate cakes.

This will definitely improve your mood, so have a wonderful weekend!

Love, R

Popsicle Society_weekend

Photo credit: Popsicle Society,colourfulmacaws at Bird Park Singapore

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7 thoughts on “Friday Funday

      1. Wow…what a wonderful name… Reebaaana! I can already sing it 😍 I am Amir, pronounced like Ameer… Its an honor to know your real name and despite knowing 101 reasons, I still wonder why people hide anything real about them in virtual or real life. You and your blog look definitely far better than them. However, what I miss seeing behind those dark glasses is your eyes. Until of course they are meant for that hot parlor guy/gal who does your eyebrows or makeup Now you can tell easily why are my otherwise happy words mistaken as flirting by people 😂 I am actually on a 6-hours trip where I am sitting in a luxurious bus enjoying lush green fields view and tying these words to you Hope you did not mind my blabbering 🥰Love you and hugs!

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