Speed Up And Clean Boot Windows 10 Via MSConfig And Task Rescheduler


When you notice your Windows 10 computer getting slower, then the best option is to disable all non-Microsoft services and the start-up items via Microsoft Configuration Tool and Task Rescheduler.


Type “msconfig” in the search bar right next to the Windows start and select “System Configuration” App from the list;


In the next screen, click the “Services” tab and check-mark “Hide all Microsoft services”. After you see all of the non-Microsoft services, check-mark all of them to select and click “Disable all” button. Press “OK” when done.


After disabling all services, click the “Startup” tab and select “Open Task Manager”;


In the “Task Manager”, click “Startup” tab and disable all of the “Enabled” apps;


Task Rescheduler

After closing the Task Manager, type “Task Rescheduler” in the search box right next to Windows Start button and click the “Task Scheduler” app from the list;


In the next screen, click the “Task Scheduler Library” on the left column and right-click on any of the task that is either marked as “Ready” or “Running”. From the right-click context menu, first of all, click the “End” option. And after that, right-click the same task and select “Disable” option.

Repeat the same process with all of the tasks listed there until there is no task left with enabled, ready or running status.


Finally, re-start your system and you’d have a clean-booted Windows 10 running faster than before i.e. in its original form without any 3rd-party apps, software or services slowing it down.

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