In Bloom

“We have done everything in our power to suppress 90% of the Earth inhabitants in order to appease or our self gratifying needs.”

How true!

Miss Ruby Sweet Cheeks

Thinking back I had a terrible time in high school. I never really felt like I fit in anywhere. I spent most of my time dating the same guy. He was older and newish to town so we really just spent most of our time together. I was always awkward. Saying things at the wrong time. Trying at times desperately to fit in only to not fit in at all. Drinking seemed to kill the time. At least numb the pain. Drugs were never around back then. You either knew where you were going and with whom or you weren’t going anywhere. How could you find anybody once they left the house. Nobody had cell phones. Pagers were only common amongst drug dealers it seems. Growing up in the 90’s was definitely  different. I wouldn’t say harder. Maybe simpler. It was hard though unless you got the address of where your high…

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