Coronavirus And Casual Sex


Coronavirus is a bad news for promiscuous individuals. Yesterday, I read a news item about a 30+ years old woman who caught the virus in a party and after infecting many in her office, she quarantined herself at home to cure it via over-the-counter flu meds. And now, she’s back to the parties and office only to spread it to more people mistaking herself to be completely cured. No such test of someone being completely cured has been invented yet since coronavirus is still a mystery for scientists and/or healthcare professionals.

All those seeking casual sex via dating sites are going to be affected immediately. Majority of such hideous individuals on such sites are used to hiding their STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). And there are people who carry this virus without even their own knowledge due to their immune system fighting it constantly.

Women who are used to cheating on their men and vice versa are also going to find it quite difficult to find new potential sex partners at parties, dating sites, nude clubs, bars or elsewhere.

However, porn sites are going to see increase in their revenues since majority of us will be forced to masturbate for satisfying this natural desires of all of us (promiscuous or not).

I can’t even begin to describe the stupidity of individuals who continue to seek casual sex despite the potential of them being the silent carriers of the coronavirus disease or STD’s.

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