You Can’t Counter Hatred With Love


The saying “only iron cuts the iron” does not apply on hatred. Nor can love fix hatred of any sort. It is the knowledge and compassion that can effectively counter the hatred of any sort. Love is usually mistaken with compassion. And some hate is actually good and healthy for sanity as well. For example, I hate a cheating woman to the core of my bones. And that hatred strengthens the bond of loyalty between me and my (future) woman.

Somewhere I read;

Hate the evil, not the individual.

And it makes sense. There are reasons and logic behind murders, rapes, kidnappings, massacres and wars. We need to study the reasons and logic without actually becoming a party to any such disputes. Even when someone is desperately trying to make him/herself your personal enemy, you should study that twisted individual’s twisted brain and the kind of up-bringing, the society she/he was raised in, etc.

After all that research work upon any evil-doer, one can easily find at least something to feel compassion with. You are fortunate to be not a hate-monger or someone who has (deliberately) done evil things, or wronged somebody. Those who end up in that vicious cycle need our help to come out of this alive or at least help them regain their sanity.

This may seem impossible or very hard on the surface but trust me as I have been lucky to impart positive affect upon many lives out there. Whenever you see or meet any such hate monger in any form or shape, take this first step genuinely and sincerely with an intention to help;

Listen To Their Story!

The path to the recovery of such hateful individual will reveal itself to you. Its upto you if you tell them or actually walk the path until the end. As a hermit, I prefer telling them and never seeing them again since I have the next hate-monger to work upon in these limited moments of my lifetime.

Staying indifferent to hatred will only worsen the world and people around us. You can play your part to make this life on this beautiful planet Earth peaceful and bountiful.



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