On-Screen Keyboard And Touch Keyboard Icon On Windows 10 And Windows 11 Taskbar


Touch Keyboard Icon In Taskbar Near Data And Time

Windows 10 comes with a touch keyboard that you can click via computer mouse as well. It has cool features i.e. emoticons. Here’s how you can enable it;


In the start menu, type “system icons” and click “Turn system icons on or off”;


Next, turn the option “Touch keyboard” on by clicking next to it;


To view the touch keyboard, click keyboard icon right next to date and time in the Windows 10 taskbar;



Shortcut To On-Screen Keyboard

Windows 10 comes with another on-screen keyboard facility that you can use. Here’s how you can create taskbar shortcut to access it;


Click start menu and enter “on screen”. On the top apps search result, click “On-Screen Keyboard”;


To create a quick taskbar shortcut icon to fire up on-screen keyboard, right-click the same “On-screen keyboard” app in search results and select “pin to taskbar” option;


Enable On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 11 Taskbar

Click Start button and enter “taskbar settings”. Click “open” under it;

Next, enable “Touch Keyboard” in the Personalization –> Taskbar;

A tiny keyboard icon will be displayed near date and time shown in the Windows 11 taskbar. Double this keyboard icon to bring up on-screen touch keyboard in full size;

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