Computer Memory RAM Hardware Test


To test computer RAM memory hardware chip, visit;

Click the link under “Download (Pre-built & ISOs);

Download – Auto-installer for USB Key (Win 9x/2k/xp/7) NEW!


Plug a blank USB flash drive in your computer and run the EXE file. Click “I agree” to continue;


Next, select your USB flash drive from the drop-down menu and check-box “we will format as Fat32”. Click “Create” when ready;


When it is done, click “next”;


Press “Finish” when done. Restart your computer and in the BIOS set it up to boot first from USB;


When your computer re-starts it will run tests for about 15 minutes until you see the results at the bottom like this;


Press “Esc” button when done to restart your computer normally and unplug USB flash drive.

Hard Disk Drive Health Test

To check hard disk, use this software “Hard Disk Sentinel”;

IMG20200222122715 (1)

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