Coronavirus Will Wipe Out Humanity In 5 Years And is Already Killing More People Than Heart Disease And Cancer


As of writing, there are 27,980 coronavirus cases in Italy, out of which 2,158 are already dead and the other 1,851 critically close to dying. This makes the coronavirus death rate a whopping 14%.

If we apply the same death rate on the whole global population of 7.5 billion, then within next 5 to 7 years, the whole humanity will be wiped off the planet Earth.

Unfortunately, governments including WHO (world health organization) are presenting misleading statistics to downplay coronavirus only to avoid chaos.

Even with official WHO figures and statistics of 3% annual death rate, there will be no humans left 30 years from now if no coronavirus vaccine or cure is invented. Here are the projections;

INFECTED (with coronavirus)

70% of global population (7.53 billion) = 5.3 billion people

DEAD (from coronavirus)

3% of the infected = 160 million people

Here are the best-case 3% projections (worst-case is even higher i.e. 14%) of the leading causes of deaths in USA alone;

coronavirus death

With a heavy heart, I have only this to say.

We are betting on a vaccine that will become available in 2 years. Looking at the effectiveness of flu vaccine i.e. 50% and the 0.1% death rate amongst flu patients, we are only looking at far far less humans surviving in case of coronavirus which kills @ 14%.

I wish I am wrong.


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