Windows 10 Shuts Down Or Goes To Sleep Without Notice or Randomly


Sometimes the Windows 10 either shuts down or goes to sleep randomly without giving you any notice. Here’s how you can fix this;

Click start menu or search icon and enter “power”. In the search results click “Power & sleep settings”;


Under, Power & sleep, select “Never” in the drop-down menus marked as “On battery power, turn off after” and “When plugged in, turn off after”. Repeat the same under “Sleep” options. When done, click “Additional power settings” under “Related settings”;


In the next screen, click “Choose what the power buttons do”;


Select “Do nothing” next to all options drop-down menu marked as “on battery” and “plugged in” for settings related to “When I press the power button”, “when I press the sleep button” and “When I close the lid”. Press “Save changes” when done. Next, click the “Change settings that are currently unavailable” and uncheck the option “Turn on fast startup” under Shutdown settings;


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