500 plus Followers… Yee Haw!


Just noticed that my blog is being followed by 502 (486 WP + 16 E-mail) followers. I have tried to remove and/or block the spammers/ad-bots from this list but still even if there are 10% genuine followers i.e. 50, I feel humbled and honored.

Not because I have tried to attract anybody’s attention since this blog is nothing more than mere note-keeping that I have been doing since many decades. Its just another wonder of internet where not only are my notes safe and online for an easy access, but many people can benefit from some tips (mostly technology-related) that I share on here.

Re inscribing my emotions, I think I have done my level best to deter people from reading my blog. And still, if you are one of those sincere and genuine followers, all I can assure you is that its “the” worst that can come out of me in shape of poetry.

For the best you can of course, stay tuned 🙂

A parting tip – How To Follow A Blog

Many blogs have built-in features or buttons for you to simply press and follow a blog. For example, on my blog at the right under my picture, you can click “FOLLOW”button to recieve E-mail notice in your Mail Inbox whenever a new blog post appears;


And if a blog owner has not enabled any such “Follow via E-mail” button on their blog, you can click a small “follow” button at the bottom-right corner of your screen;


And if you find a blog that is self-hosted and there is no such buttons to press, then you can simply login to your WordPress.com account and in the reader section, simply copy/paste the URL of the blog you wish to follow. The “follow” link will automatically appear for you to click;


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