Blog Review: Pandemic Grief Meter


In good faith, I had posted some self-healing and immune system-strengthening tips on my blog at

Unfortunately, a depressed individual (probably an old cranky and crabby lady) posted an ignorant comment seeking some attention maybe. Out of curiosity, I visited his/her blog to find depression splattered all over her blog.

For example, look at this latest blog post of hers at

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance – otherwise known as five widely recognized stages of grief. Make no mistake, our pandemic world is mourning disruption of life as we know it. So where are you? Personally, denial and anger expired days before losing my job, bargaining served no purpose. Unemployment was met with pragmatic inevitability. So where am I a week after realizing I had no job? No indication when life might return to normal, no assurance employment insurance benefits could arrive in timely fashion? Have to admit I’m depressed.

And not to mention her terrible choice in the cover image of such a depressing post;


Here is her anger-filled and cranky comment on my blog post about coronavirus self-healing at home;

Please, please, please stop posting home remedies for COVID-19. It’s irresponsible, misguided and useless. Sigh.

And I posted this question to which I thought I will never get any response but still she surprised me with her stupidity in the comments section;

Before I remove this ignorant comment of yours, I’d love to know in detail how you find all those expletives in such a common-sense help to improve your immune system? (Amir shakes his head)

Here is her IP address that I have captured for reporting purposes;


Of course one can quickly jump to a conclusion that it is the pandemic that is causing an old lady to lose her temper and posting cranky and crabby comments on other people’s blogs right before dying miserably at her own home all alone.

In these times, I think it is the mental health professionals where such messed up individuals should seek help from, not from random strangers’ blogs like mine.



(this short acronym means shaking my head in a disbelief that one can be so stupid)



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