How Quickly And Easily We Forget And Change Our Focus


(JoAnn is an interesting blogger and you can read more about her creative take on life at

A couple of months ago, I was writing about a woman who cheated on me, stole my money and committed an act of perjury. Today I am writing about people imprisoning themselves to wait for death to arrive at their own homes knocking.

These two topics are so different from each other but I see a bit of similarity between the two i.e. death. Regarding that cheating woman, it was about the death of a relationship. And in the case of world dying at the hands of a tiny virus, it is again about death, except it is more physical and visible.

I was thinking about writing on the subject for quite a long. Today’s post on the same subject by JoAnn forced me to do so right away.

Memo at midnight: When life kicks you in the a$$, repeatedly

Thanks for the inspiration JoAnn 🙂


2 thoughts on “How Quickly And Easily We Forget And Change Our Focus

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out and I’m so glad that I inspired you to write. Hopefully this pre-death predicament will have an end that is sooner than later. The uncertainty of it all is maddening!

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    1. You are welcome JoAnn. Death is a another certainty just like this life. Hence there is no uncertainty that should bother us at all. Medical science will fix it just like how it did for all other diseases. Have trust and continue to live your awesome life. Love you ❤

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