Joy, pure and simple

How easily we forget nature and get distracted by humans.

As we face this unprecedented event in our lives,  I am filled with anxiety. and fear.  However with this feeling of helplessness and loss of freedom we are experiencing, it has made me think about what brings me joy in life. When I think about this my thoughts are invariably drawn to a few key elements:

The Sun!

Whether it’s watching it going up (although it is rare I am up that early!), down, or just enjoying it’s rays on my skin, the sun is the one thing that will make me stop, take a deeper breath, and relax.

img_20200104_155849-1 English sunsets

img_20191202_082044 Autumnal sunshine – it brings a whole new element to the joys of the sun!

img_20190920_183122 Turkish sunsets

img_20190919_173938 Aaaah, basking in the hot Turkish sun whilst on a boat trip…bliss!

img_20200326_182036 The amazing sunset that we witnessed last night from our flat.

The Sea!

It can be calm or rough, blue…

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