Social Distancing Is Impossible For 90 Percent Humans Exposed To Coronavirus


Majority of humans live in third world countries where they are crammed with families of upto 10 plus in one room. And the next slum is less than 6 inches apart. Urbanization has brought many people from open villages to dense cities.

None of these countries have the kind of infrastructure that the 10% of the whole global human population has in advanced nations. To top it up, their corrupt governments have imposed lockdowns and curfews so that the disease is spreading like wildfire amongst the slums and streets.

In absence of state or social welfare, these poor people rely on their close families, neighbors to survive. Breaking that last connection to life is like sentencing them to death before coronavirus hits.

Non-existent testing is also making all these poor nations report wrong numbers to World Health Organization (WHO). Who is infected? Who is dying? Who is a silent asymptomatic disease carrier? Who is next? Nobody knows.

Forget masks, ventilators, etc. Their whole food supply chains are slowly vanishing and more people will die from hunger than the disease which is sure to kill them later whoever survives on eating tree leafs.

It is an absolute chaos in the whole world. And United Nations is nowhere to be seen, as usual. After SARS 2003, this could have been easily avoided like South Korea. But unfortunately, we are all collectively responsible for this doom of humanity.

Let me admit mine first through these words as long as I am alive. And if I die at the hands of coronavirus, I will die of shame for not being aware of such a basic global human health crises brewing for more than 2 decades.

Cover Image:

16 Heartbreaking Facts About Life In Indian Slums

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