Cabin Fever – Waiting To Get Infected


In this pandemic, being restricted to your own apartment and not being able to move around can cause becoming stir-crazy or suffer from cabin fever. One can be easily become irritated when confined without their choice. This happens a lot to people who go to prisons. But for normal law-abiding people, this is a hard to swallow pill especially if it is the fault of the government or the medical science.

Scientists have confirmed about getting infected from air-borne droplets of coronavirus since it is almost next to impossible to air-tighten your home. Until of course if you can manage to have huge oxygen cylinders for at least 2 to 3 years (time it will take for vaccine to develop) which is again another impossibility.

So essentially, we are all going to get infected today, tomorrow or yesterday. It is going to happen to every single individual of us since we belong to the same specie i.e. humans. This is not going to infect any birds who are enjoying their lives on trees as usual and happily. Or those ants still going around freely anywhere they wish without anybody binding them like our elected (or not) leaders did.

Lockdown is not a solution. States lock down humans like animals because they don’t have enough preparedness for facing any such pandemic. It is a clear violation of any human rights that people have to their life, liberty and freedom of movement. Social distancing can be, and should be implemented with or without any pandemic due to many messed up social ills becoming norms already.

Now-a-days you’d also hear an excuse that it is natural disaster. I don’t buy that since 2/3rd of the humanity is still free out there, and majority of deaths have occurred only in the 1/3rd of places where humans are confined behind such lockdowns. There is nothing and let me repeat (since scientists and doctors insist too), there is NOTHING that is going to protect any human from this air-borne infectious disease.

Today it is only our own individual immune systems that we were born with that will protect us. If there is anything we can do to fight this infectious monster is by improving our immune system via exercising, good food, and a healthy way of life with outdoor activities i.e. parks, mountaineering, water sports, etc.

Since Spanish fever and many other pandemics before and after, none of these government entities learned anything. Any state coming close to an ideal solution is the government of South Korea. Even though they are committing another gross violation of invading into people’s privacy and tracking their movements after coronavirus testing, at least there is no lock-down.

We are humans, born with awesome minds and brains that empowers us to create better systems and prepare for any such eventuality or natural calamity. Let’s use them instead of relying on thousands years old strategy of locking down human populations in one city or a state to die and rot without any freedom or liberty.

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