Microcosmic – Maria Gianna Iannucci


I am guilty of doing the same (swiping right) to many, many ladies on dating sites and Maria just made me realize with just a few yet powerful words. The same type of ladies might have swiped right my profile too in return. But one of us can definitely do better like Maria pointed out.

I have no clue how it happens on the women side, but for us men, makeup and sometimes a good professional photographer is all it takes for me to swipe a women to the left.

Unfortunately, that (shopping) behavior seems to reflect upon us meeting in person as well. I have hundreds, if not thousands of such first date stories to testify that sad fact.

None of us takes anyone seriously. That is unacceptable, and disrespectful. But sadly, that is a truth we have to live with. Hopefully people like Maria will keep on using her gift of writing to make us realize and become better individuals like herself.

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