Eco System (open source – free)


Instead of re-inventing the wheel, use the existing systems and apps out there i.e.

  • os (server db, client-web-phone/tablet)
  • file manager
  • search
  • time/calendar (tasks, auto-convert worldwide times in realtime based on GPS, workshops, city events)
  • calculator
  • maps (weather, openmaps, real estate)
  • clock (world, local)
  • browser (desktop themes)
  • notepad (txt, html, doc, pdf, xls, text-to-speech, diary/blog)
  • image editor (gallery/free images bank like pixabay, camera, scanner)
  • recorder (audio, video, calls)
  • contacts (white/yellow pages, government offices/courts, schools, hospitals, strip clubs, bars, cinemas, art museums, zoo)
  • website (editor/maker like facebook, hosting/online drive, domain)
  • music player (mp3, radio)
  • video player (mp4, tv, netflix style db)
  • call (gsm, google voice type virtual numbers, ip telephony)
  • chat (sms/text, video, emoji, rooms-vr)
  • email (gmail/apple id type)
  • app store (apk download style)
  • health app (checkups/tests, diet, meds, exercise, sessions/therapies)
  • food app (recipes, order online)
  • ride app (ride sharing, bus, train, air, space)
  • passwords (generator, keeper)
  • news (headlines, global/local)
  • classifieds (like craigslist)
  • finance (personal/business, tax filing, insurance, bank)
  • education (online schools)
  • dating – virtual, nothing physical, sperm banks, anonymous surrogate wombs for rent, date to find mental chemistry and a suitable egg for the sperm to produce an ideal baby. This way you can own the baby 100% and no woman can blackmail you with pregnancy or become a lifetime leech to your finances. In case of finding no biological woman, try human sex robots like Samantha as demonstrated in the 2013 movie “Her“. Or a “Harmony” talking sex dolls that are already available in the market.

A funny comment about these sex robots was made by D.Khan on the same Youtube video;

Then you come home one day and she is blowing the vacuum cleaner…….


Another Youtube commentator TimelessHorrorTV said;

Imagine the guy that owns this during the quarantine

He/she is referring to the quarantine (stay-at-home) orders by the government issued during coronavirus epidemic in 2020.

And this political comment by Summile:) was hilarious too;

I did not have sexual relations with that ANDROID. – President USA, 2051

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