With 40 Billion Dollars In Pocket Harvard Still Took 9 Million Dollars Coronavirus Stimulus Money


To study at Harvard University, you’d need at least half a million (US) dollars for a 4-year graduate degree. Hence, unless your dad (or mom) is at least a millionaire or a billionaire, you can easily forget going to Harvard. Now, don’t be fooled by those few exceptions made only for media digestion by Harvard where they show-case their financial aid. Its a sham, not just shame in the name of education.

Right in the middle of global pandemic which has caused a recession unknown to human-kind, greedy educational institutions like Harvard got millions of dollars in US government stimulus money. And in another media blitz, multi-billion dollar rich Harvard (40 billion dollars rich to be exact) returned that money too after being called out by the President Of USA.

Harvard-type institutions worship money, not education. I know there is nothing new in this. But still I hope things will change in future, if there is any future left after the failure (coronavirus cure) of the medial scientists Harvard (or others alike) produced.

Millions of human lives perished at the hands of this disease can’t be squarely blamed upon China alone imho.




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