Get Ready To Die Or Plan Next Five Years Living In Fear Of Pandemic


Spanish flu’s experience of hundreds of millions dead a century ago and its continuing mayhem for many more years shows what lies ahead of us from this year 2020 to 2025. My worst case scenario prediction is at least a billion people dying amongst us during the next 5 years.

How? Two to three years it will take for the vaccine to be invented and then another year or two to actually reach us all. In the meantime, at least one out of seven people will perish at the hands of this pandemic. And I am counting myself as one of them (the dead) as well. I do see this tiniest window of light (of life) coming through this very small hole of hope in this dark and black box of (coronavirus) pandemic around me.

Through this tiny light of hope, I have planned my next 5 years. Here are a few things I have in my mind for this small window of opportunity;

  1. No sex with strangers. I will continue to date, but from a safe virtual distance.
  2. Since I will have more time with myself, hence I’d totally rethink my life without making any human a necessity in my life. And I won’t care if I am treated as an option since survival is the top priority during this pandemic.
  3. This pandemic has totally shattered my belief in “humans are social animals” and before this colossal event in the human history, I was already inclined towards individual thinking.
  4. A 32-years veteran of technology, I am glad to see those technology-haters being forced to adapt it for their own survival.
  5. I am probably going to stop enjoying my victories in arguments and will become more wiser in handling (and taming) some of the messed up humans thrown my way.
  6. My first half century of life on this planet Earth was full of social contacts and people. My next half (50 years) would be probably more with my own very interesting self as compared to many all across continents I have come across.
  7. What drove me yesterday, would probably continue to drive me today and tomorrow i.e. passion for love between a man and a woman. Not that I’d die finding love. But its more like I’d still continue enjoying chick-flicks, love songs, etc. However, I’d be more mature, confident and clear in my outlook of love. Here, I am not just talking about my dating future, but also watching and enjoying other people’s love stories. This is probably the only interesting thing that will connect my past with my present and future. Probably because my own existence is due to a man and a woman coming together, making love and giving me birth. I’d continue bringing humans back towards loving their own parents at least for that, if not for any other reason(s).
  8. My conversations with people will grow more in person than virtually which I used to do in the past. Its like I’d be spending hours and hours of talking aimlessly with total strangers without any particular agenda. Sort of like two or more stranger birds meeting first time on a tree.
  9. And since people define me through my interaction with them, hence I’d keep myself at a distance from them as usual. None of our interactions will change this fact that I grow, hence they grow. None of us is going to stay who we were yesterday or today. And that we’d change tomorrow whether we like it or not and whether we plan it or not.
  10. I have been a mirror to many individuals from quite a close proximity and unfortunately can’t find a single mention of an individual who has been positively that way except through their anger and their inability to have me as their life-partner or at least a friend. I will continue to stay that way cause that’s something about me so natural that even if I wish to change, I can’t change it. I love spreading positive vibes whether that individual stays with me or not. They may not like me or love me (even though they’d swear they do), but I’d still continue being me in a lengthy way. I have so much to think, to ponder, to share and feel so strange at the silence of the other bird (or a human) from across a coffee or bar table.
  11. No matter how loud one screams out of her lungs that she loves me, I am not going to take it literally like I used to. On the face of it, I will still believe what people want me to believe but I’d give the golden words of Dale Carnegie more value upon any emotional outbursts of people; “Do expect their best. But be prepared for their worst.” This part in me has never changed and even though I’d want to become a 100% believer in people’s loud promises, I know life and change (a.k.a growing) will kick in with or without their wanting.
  12. Phew! Number 12? Really? Do you want to continue talking to yourself staring at this blank screen? LOL 🙂

I need some sleep. And lots and lots of dreams, of course.


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